Pickle Editor

Pickle is a cross-platform tool for creating pixel art, animations, repeating tiles and sprite sheets for games.

Spotlight eBooks

Spotlight is an interactive eBook platform built in responsive HTML5.
The interface intelligently reformats itself to fit the user's screen.

This app was developed by a third party based on my design specifications.

Dr. Legbone’s Laboratory

A quiz-like game that helps children learn the parts and systems of the body.

A Guide to Pink Elephants

iOS version of the classic cocktail recipe book from 1952.

Codename: ULTRA

Concept for a spy-themed downloadable logic puzzle game.
Codename: ULTRA was a semifinalist in the Screenburn Game Design Competition at SXSW Interactive.

Isaac’s Apples

A series of challenging physics-based puzzles help children learn about simple machines and the laws of motion.

Vermonia Web Games

A series of games and puzzles created to help promote the Vermonia manga series.

Plant Pong Deluxe

Help A.B.E. the robot grow his flowers by flinging water beads into the floating anti-gravity planters in this Flash game.

Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye

Opening titles for Bill Nye’s Emmy-winning children’s show.

X2: X-Men United

Interactive screen graphics created for the movie X2: X-Men United.

Never Seen Before: Bob Dylan

A short animation showcasing exclusive photos of Bob Dylan.

Commander Cookie

A stop-motion style space shooter game.

Snowman Jam

In this winter-themed Flash game players collect clothing and accessories to decorate their snowman for the annual contest.

Back to the Garden

Match the colors of seeds and vegetables (but watch out for weeds!) in this Flash game featuring music by Jason Webley.

Spiderman 2

Interactive screen graphics created for the movie Spiderman 2.